mercoledì 12 giugno 2019

unfathomable hypercube ::

Just to start. a mixture of post-physics, architecture of the absurd, quantum mysticism, taste for allegory, gnosis of the paradox.

The body as an unfathomable hypercube in its internal dimensions 

- Every breach, every scratch are the miniature failures of the cosmic singularity: matter has escaped control.

- The inner castle repeats itself fractally, in volutes: every castle is a thought or a spark. On thoughts and sparks they come to life: eyes, rejects, vibrations, closed doors, crenellated towers, feelings of diffidence and impossible moves of bishops.

- Everything is repeated in different ways, and every change is welcomed with enthusiasm or distrust.

- Castles are sometimes black and solid, sometimes they are white and empty, rarefied; in the first case the queen that rules on it is sterile and angry like a dog, it unconsciously generates masses of confusion and tears that veil knowledge; in the second case the queen is leaning, both forward and backward, creating a bridge made of infinite bridges.

In this labyrinth of solids the path of gnosis advances.