lunedì 6 aprile 2020

NEGENTROPY: a tale of two queens

The paradox: feeding on entropy like a ravenous beast, increasing thesyntropy, increasing the spread of information, like a multiform crowned virus. The information of the holy Sofia, with the cinetic and iridescent willpower that is innate to Her. 
Her kingdom subsists in the dimension of dream, which is therefore visionary, a prophet that concludes the future thrusts and exalts them in the sublime of the not-yet-accomplished.
The cacophony of languages is evaded by the more subtle consciences, which manage to bring order, to separate, to arrive at the act of creation from these perverse and strange relationships of attraction.
Everything is one. And it always is, in a single dazzling moment. I see the informations, I see the temple, I see the ship, I see the shining sword. 

Feed on chaos, to reach the void. 
The leveling in the chaotic slime is rampant. 
Elevation is mandatory. 
Power is within, fed through the veins of what i call reality. 
Anabolia/Syntropy allows the paradox because in it the different ones are attracted...and what is more different than the opposite? 
"..and in the eighth square we shall be Queens together, monarchs 
supreme! And it's all feasting and fun!"..and there will be light.