martedì 5 maggio 2020

Briefly about the Fall and the Chance: CASUS

FALLING DOWN, ECSTASY FOR THE FALL, ORGY OF DEATH, LUNACY AND CONTINUOUS CHANGING, HYSTERIA IN THE SUNSET, EXALTATION IN THE CATASTROPHE, LIVING IN A PARADOX OF SENSE AND LOGOS AND HEART AND ALOGOS. All this in a polisemic latin term, CASUS, bivalent in its conceptions of fall (casus) and chance (casus). Here's a folding fan of meanings and spheres of sense:

Fall - Precipitation from a height - Caduta: from a relative high to an objective low; a 'low' that can also be an 'internal', a penetration into matter, earth, mud; you get closer to your feet, to the roots, to the pulsing core of the pit. 

Death - Disgrace: the adverse fate, the bad fatum that ruins, that makes you fall. It falls on the man's head making him fall in turn. Illness, death. The fall of the the Tower, the valley of the shadows.

Change: the blow that reverses, overturning. Shuffling of cards. Tarots.

Final moment: corruption, the symptom of the end, the smell of exhaustion, the hint of immense decay, the melancholy ecstasy of conscious mortality.

Sunset - Occidental - Occidente: purely the place where IT falls, it may be the sun, the earth, a culture, a thought, a god. It loses light and takes on the purple tones of twilight, it is enriched with dark shades. The moment of rest and nocturnal recollection.

Happening - the Casuality - Accadere: without a logic, alogically, alogos, 'casu' (latin for accidentally), without end or will, without buddhi or conscience; to accept the fate, the illogical, the not knowable, not pre-verifiable, not causable. The fall forces you to dream, a new world is born.

Accident - Incidente: the catastrophe that makes us participate with scopic voluptuousness.

Opportunity: something we abandon ourselves to, aware of the intoxicating potential of the infinite opportunities contained in the chaos of the future (in a human space-time perspective). Among chaos you choose, the chance offers you all. The roll of the dice.

Grammatical desinence, Function: modality chosen to express the function of a term, an option that excludes the others and specifies the character of an lement. The choice of an action.

Cadence: a moment on which the accent falls, the element that marks the end of a part and opens the beginning of the next.