martedì 9 giugno 2020


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The first issue of my personal self-released photo-journal, AEĒIOYŌ, finally comes to light. A very very limited edition, 23 hand-numbered copies, on glossy paper (36 pages) with card-board personally SEWN cover, A5 format. A collection of photos, but some hermetic writings and drawings are included too. It will arrive accompanied by a photo-postcard of mine chosen randomly, imaginatively sealed on the back by an automatic sketch made using the blind intelligence of Tarocchi and I-Ching.

This handful of pages is the result of the attempt of beginning to shape a structure among the more or less effective ways of expression that I have in my pockets. Through this attempt, a deification of the self takes place, ready to draw a card from the deck and establish a blind and holy order which in turn stimulates inputs for new free splinters of creation. 

The name, under whose aegis all this is accomplished, AEĒIOYŌ, appears in some Greek/Copt papyri in the land of Egypt dating back to the first centuries CE, and it was the magic "mantra" incipit to be recited at the beginning of an intimate ritual of self-deification, gathering in the self the unity of the elements and of all that exists: the first origin of my origin. The red thread is drawn, all existences pass in a single moment through the man made a medium of himself.