giovedì 16 luglio 2020

Opus Selenica Prima: 18.44, glacies

New sounds from the nocturnal forge /// 
What is an Opus Selenica? The Opus Selenica is the hierophantic process made under the influx of the moon, from the sunset till the dawn, thinking about Her, Selene, in a wet-cthonic mood: it is a self-induction through wich one can assimilate the virtues of this planetary form, HUMIDITY AND SELF-REGENERATION. Water and Earth are involved; the sun avoided. Under this "athenic" wisedom the cards are revealed: 
1_ The Batrachians melted together in a super-organism, sweet and sleepy and dreaming 
2_ the flute of a Zenit Presence, the snow and the drops of water. This presence is the Queen on the chessboard, the moon; she moves fast and is elusive; the moon has her joy in the third house 
3_ the chanting voice telling the story of a lunar mirror captivating essences through its fragments. The spell, the pale spiral