S T A N Z A - N. 1
BECCO DI ESPERIDE - A transfiguration leading to the horned one in the humid underground: the nymph with soft feather breasts, who plays and predicts and recalculates and titillates her companions. She has the beak of the cock and she sings three times, confusing the visions.

S T A N Z A - N. 2
NOCTOLAE - Apathanatismos, or experiencing divinity in a fluidic intoxication. *hearing a long bellowing sound, straining the belly*, can you hear it? Some cows crazy in the night. Some corpsey cows. And inside one of those corpsey cows an infant toad-god is born.

S T A N Z A - N. 3
CUM-FUNDERE - Neti neti neti neti neti: a glorious immersion in the forest of desire, a confusion and compenetration of states, in the explosion of the most extreme negation and unconscious, true self-affirmation. The flapping of a moth's wings.

S T A N Z A - N. 4
SALT AND SULFUR - Scalza Fredda Orba e Orbitante, Ridente, Sinistra, Negativa, Umida, Acquea, in Disfatta, Terrosa, Aracnide, Lunatica, Pulchra et Dulcissima, Tredicesima Ora, Tela di Ragno, Soluzione dei lati di Medaglia.

S T A N Z A - N. 5
DURA CROCE - Godhead turns death-head! Where the saturnine pleasures of inner discipline, order, numbers, abstraction, wet bile and death meditation find their realization in a paradoxical glory.

S T A N Z A - N. 6
A cold rainbow carrying divine information: ESSENTIA IN CORRUPTIONE.