AEĒIOYŌ is a paper and digital photo-journal which collected my photographic production for the first three issues. A fourth digital ensemble (Definitive Closed Collection 2013-2021) adds some never-printed photos to the first three issues.

V I S I T :

...then came number IV, which upsets this first part of photographs and exhausts them, with cybernetic coldness,  dispersing them forever.  ] aeēioyō 4 is a cybernetic grimoire capable of recapitulating, reconnecting, reformulating: a metadiary that activates connections.

Each copy is different from the other and they all complete a puzzle: 40 pages (covers included) on parchment paper, with graphicized cyber-evocations and 14 clippings on photographic paper, all different, coming from disparate space-time coordinates that acausally find their perfect place [ 

AVAILABLE, Edition limited to 4,22208⋅10−105m3
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