Magnetic configuration of an elder flower *

Inner Sanctum Configuration /
as the only firefly,
as the flower of the elder.
may the dam primary earth
cover this desolate niveous breast.
Three semantic roses:
- the inner sanctum: entering the bowels through an abstract, supra-sensum excision.
- the fulminating beauty of transience and changeability: this is inscribed in the desire to enjoy it, and enjoy its rot. A flower is an instruction, a nipple is an explosion, the reflection is the switch.
- the ecstasy of sacrifice: putting every bodily molecule into play, as parts of a vibrant game.

NEGENTROPY: a tale of two queens

The paradox: feeding on entropy like a ravenous beast, increasing the syntropy, increasing the spread of information - The Information - of the holy Sofia, with the kinetic and iridescent willpower that is innate to Her. 
Her kingdom subsists in the dimension of dream, which is therefore visionary, a prophet that concludes the future thrusts and exalts them in the sublime of the not-yet-accomplished.
The cacophony of languages is evaded by the more subtle consciences, which manage to bring order, to separate, to arrive at the act of creation from these perverse and strange relationships of a single dazzling moment. I see the information, I see the temple, I see the ship, I see the shining sword.

"..and in the eighth square we shall be Queens together, monarchs supreme! And it's all feasting and fun!"..and there will be light.

The hypercube body in its internal dimensions:

- Every breach, every scratch are the miniature failures of the cosmic singularity: matter escaped control.

- The inner castle repeats itself, in volutes: every castle is a thought or a spark. On thoughts and sparks they come to life: eyes, rejects, vibrations, closed doors, crenelated towers, feelings of diffidence and impossible bishops moves.

- Everything is repeated in different ways, and every change is welcomed with enthusiasm or distrust.

- Castles are sometimes black and solid, sometimes they are white and empty, rarefied; in the first case the queen that rules on it is sterile and angry like a dog, it unconsciously generates masses of confusion and tears that veil knowledge; in the second case the queen is leaning, both forward and backward, creating a bridge made of infinite bridges.

in this labyrinth of solids, the path of gnosis